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Delano Bound

A Personal Journey Through Rope

If the thought or viewing of bondage between consenting adults is objectionable to you, please do not enter. This site is not for you.

All models within are consenting adults and are at least 21 years of age. DeLano Bound maintains all model releases and proof of age and identity.

All images and articles within are for entertainment purposes only. The creator and contributors assume no responsibility for anyone trying to copy or emmulate the artistic situations displayed in this Website - including physical, mental or other harm.

All literary content within is © 2008 Delano Bound unless otherwise stated. Photographs are the property of individual photographers as watermarked.

ALL CONTENT is proteced by copyright laws and cannot be posted or shared without the written permission of the copyright owners. ALL VIOLATORS ARE SUBJECT TO FINES IN THE AMOUNT OF $500 PER PHOTO POSTED.



DeLano Bound's mission is to explore what rope bondage in its many forms means to me in my life -- in all the facets of my life. This site is an extension of my desire to create art through ropework as a bottom and as a top and to be a part of the art of people I admire and trust. It is a display of the joys I experience in living this desire and also a chronicle of the challenges I encounter.

My goal is to work with people whose love of rope affects me, whether they are rope tops, photographers or rope bondage bottoms. I intend to be tied on this site but I intend to tie as well. I will also attempt to convey the deep connection that exists between me and my rope tops. These women are extremely talented bondage artists but they are also my friends and I want to share that here.

Different people have different opinions of what bondage is all about. I believe that bondage can be fun, physically exciting, spiritually exhilirating and beautiful to behold. I'm not attempting to change any minds with this site; I'm merely trying to illustrate my journey in rope.

Mission Statement